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Lowbanks Grow is a Health Canada Licensed Producer (LP) of medical and recreational cannabis located in Lowbanks, Ontario. Our brand-new facility contains the industry’s most up to date technology which allows us to grow quality products for our customers.


Our Strains



TOTAL TERPENES: 1.90% (approx.) 
TOTAL THC: 20.19% (approx.)
TOTAL CBD: 0.4 mg/g (approx.)

Citrique is a slightly sativa dominant strain that doesn’t hold back on THC. It is a cross between Lime Skunk and Orange Valley OG. True to its name, Citrique gives off citrus-like aromas with a fruity zest taste. Its balanced cannabinoid profile makes it perfect for daytime use on a sunny afternoon or end of day relaxing and unwinding. Citrique will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed, a euphoric high that provides a creative boost.

Cherry Bomb Gelato

TOTAL TERPENES: 1.73% (approx.)
TOTAL THC: 27.73% (approx.)
TOTAL CBD: 0.44 mg/g (approx.)

Cherry Bomb Gelato is a well-balanced hybrid and is good as an all-purpose smoke with a sweet flavour and aroma. It is a cross between an indica strain from California that has not been named yet and Mr. Greengenes, a sativa from Hawaii.


Girl Scout Platinum
TOTAL TERPENES: 1.82% (approx.) 

TOTAL THC: 22.50% (approx.)
TOTAL CBD: 0.6 mg/g (approx.)

Girl Scout Platinum is a mostly indica dominant strain that has strong THC results. A cross that was created out of two unique and already widely popular strains, Durban Poison and OG Kush. It fills the air with an aromatic fresh pine smell with mild fruity hints creating an earthy aftertaste. GSPL gives you a strong and euphoric high. Great for nighttime use, this happy strain can leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and melts you into a deep state of relaxation.

Powdered Donuts #8
TOTAL TERPENES: 1.65% (approx.) 
TOTAL THC: 24.92% (approx.)
TOTAL CBD: 0.10 mg/g (approx.)

Powdered donuts #8 is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through an extremely unique cross of delicious Orange Cookies X Jet Fuel Gelato. This bud has a tangy aroma and taste of sweet fruity citrus. The minty green nugs are covered in fiery orange hairs with a sprinkle of white crystal chunky trichomes and resin. The THC levels are high creating a euphoric buzz that quickly spreads throughout the body, leaving you happy and relaxed. 


Wizard Punch
Coming to Market soon!

TOTAL TERPENES: % (approx.) 
TOTAL THC: % (approx.)
TOTAL CBD: mg/g (approx.)



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Lowbanks Grow

540 Hutchinson Rd
Lowbanks, ON N0A 1K0

Tel: 905-701-9333

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